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College Football Playoffs – Did ‘The Thirteen’ get it right?

Ultimately, yeah. I think they did.

Earlier in the week, it was revealed that the four teams to play in the inaugural College Football Playoff are; No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 Oregon, No. 3 Florida State and No. 4 Ohio State.

As I said, I think they did get it right. How they got there however, has left me gobsmacked.

As recently as last week, TCU held the No. 3 ranking and Baylor held the No. 4 spot. This week Baylor fell to No. 6 after beating Iowa State 55 – 3. WUT?! Now, in my opinion (and surely that of any sane CFB enthusiast), TCU should have never been ranked ahead of Baylor since Baylor beat TCU, and head to heads matter don’t they? DON’T THEY? Nope. Total mind fuck. Such a liar, Condy.

I have a sneaking suspicion that ‘The Thirteen’ may have tried at the last moment to rectify that situation with a ‘Oh, you thought we didn’t get it right, how fucking fascinating?’ type decision. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Either way, both Big 12 contenders Baylor and TCU did not make the Playoff.

Ohio State fielded a third string Quarter Back and won 59-0 over a ranked opponent to win the Big Ten Championship, so I’m okay with them joining the three other Conference Champions in the College Football Playoff, cos, you know. Baylor and TCU didn’t win their championship game.

The Big 12 has no championship game.




2013 College Football attendance will blow your mind.

Further proof that the USA is heaps better at sports than us (us being Australians in case you weren’t aware), the NCAA announced attendance during the 2013 Football Bowl Subdivision…and the numbers are HUGE!

The FBS, just one division of several in US college football, recorded fan total attendance of 38,135,118 for the 2013 season, which averages out to be 45,671 fans per game played. Is your mind blown yet? Wait for it…..In their 7 home games, Michigan averaged 111,592 fans per game, Ohio State 104,933 and Bama had a fair average of 101,505. Let’s not forget that this is not a professional sport, and the players are not being paid.

Shall I put it into perspective for you? As far as Australia’s professional football codes, AFL was the most popular. In the 2013 season, 207 games were played for a total fan attendance of 6,931,085 which averages out to 33,484 fans per game. By team, Collingwood had the best average of 53,754 per game, followed by Hawthorn with 45,769 fans per game…..Still less than half the average number of fans attending a Michigan home game. Huh.

Other Austalian football codes in 2013:

  • NRL – In 184 games, total fan attendance 2,888,760 with an average of 15,700 per game;
  • Super Rugby – In 26 games, total fan attendance 467,752 with an average of 17,999 per game.