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Today in things that are fucked up… #MelbourneCup

One horse is dead and another has a broken cannon bone following the running of Australia’s premiere Thoroughbred race, the Melbourne Cup.

Shortly after the race, it was reported that race favourite and Caulfield Cup winner, Admire Ratki collapsed and died at the stalls, likely of a massive heart attack.

As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, stayer Araldo shied after some idiot child waved a flag in his face. The spooked horse kicked out at a steel fence and shattered his cannon bone. Now, if you don’t know anything about horses, the cannon bone is the long, fine bone of the lower leg, and if shattered, the horse will probably be euthanised since recovery for the horse would mean time in a sling waiting for the bone to knit. Even if possible, it would be unlikely the bone would ever be strong enough for the horse to race again. So you know they aren’t trying to save Araldo. Sorry guys.

There has been talk for years now comparing horse racing to animal cruelty, and truly, I’m inclined to agree. Now, I like to get drunk and dressed up with the best of them, but making a beast run until its heart explodes for our entertainment is not okay. Enough.

RIP Admire Ratki

*UPDATE: Araldo was euthanised after scans showed that the fracture was inoperable.

RIP Araldo.