Weighing in on #Deflategate

If you don’t know what I’m talking about by the above title you are either:

a. Not a fan of sports (in which case, what are you doing here?) or;

b. Living under a rock. Seriously, this made the news in Australia and we don’t even have that sport. Everyone is talking about it, and everyone really needs to calm down.

I haven’t commented on Deflategate thus far due to the fact that I don’t really care. The Patriots were always going to beat the Colts. Frankly, Tom Brady could have taken off his shoe and used it instead of the under inflated football for the entire game and still beaten the Colts. They stunk that badly. I’m only commenting today because the whole thing has turned bloody funny. We had Mark Brunell crying (!) on ESPN because he just didn’t believe Tom Brady, Bill Belichick actually appearing honest (!), and Tom Brady saying ‘balls‘ A LOT in his presser causing the internet to explode with memes, and I love memes.


So, as the story goes, 11 out of the Patriots’ 12 footballs brought by them to the AFC Championship Game last Sunday were found not to be inflated to levels required by the NFL rules, making them easier to throw and catch. The alleged deliberate deflation had apparently occurred sometime between the when the balls were checked prior to the game, and when they were checked again at halftime.

You may recall a little event back in 2007 called ‘Spygate’ where the Patriots and Bill Belichick were collectively fined $750,000 for violating league rules by videotaping NY Jets defensive coaches’ signals. Cheaters.

Now, hang on while I jump to conclusions here. Since they have cheated before, obviously Tom Brady and/or the Patriots cheated again. That is the general consensus.  As such, they should be penalised as far as the NFL can penalise a team for shenanigans – which, as I understand is $25,000 fine.

Pfft. Tom Brady has worn crap sweaters worth more than that.

Should every single game the Patriots’ played this year be reconsidered in light of Deflategate? No. That is stupid. And speculative. And wasting my time.

Should Bill Belichick be fired? Belichick actually seemed sincere when he said he “had no knowledge, whatsoever” of ball tampering. Also, I love the guy. Total jerk. Has no emotions.

Should the Patriots be denied their place in the Superbowl because they cheated? Hell no. I’d actually like to see a team compete against the Seahawks – not have a repeat of last years’ nonevent.

Should the NFL be supplying all game balls instead of leaving it to the teams? Absolutely! I can’t even believe they don’t!

Should Tom Brady should be fined for comparing something as trivial as under inflated footballs to an extremist group who routinely behead people? Oh, God. Yes. Idiot.


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