Washington Redskins lose trademark rights

Today in “Fuck yeah!” news, the US Government Patent Office has revoked the Washington Redskins’ right to trademark their name by way of a 2-1 vote which ruled that the name was “disparaging” to Native Americans.

What does this mean for the team? It means that right now, they will have trouble protecting their financial interests given that anyone who feels like it can now use the name, including for the sale of merchandise.

Sounds like a win for the good guys right? Well, as reported in Forbes, the short answer is no. It likely won’t have much of an impact financially as the Washington team can probably seek remedy under common law whereby they have been using the name since 1933  and there is a presumed ownership. So financial destruction will not force a name change. Boo to common law.

The issue of the team’s name has been gaining momentum the past few years, with fans boycotting, journos refusing to use the team’s name in articles, anybody and everybody speaking out against the continued use of the name (because all of us normal, decent human beings know this is wrong) and now this.

It doesn’t seem to matter though, team owner Dan Snyder, who apparently has not a shred of human decency, still remains of the position that the team will NEVER change it’s name and that the continued use of the slur (yes, it’s a slur Dan Snyder) is a mark of respect. Idiot.

Don’t be an asshole Dan Snyder. Change the name. Seriously.


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