Because #BlameRomo

Today in internet LOLs….

Some funny bugger is attempting to petition White House in order to prevent Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo from attending San Antonio Spurs games and putting his curse on any more teams this year.

The curse I am speaking of stems from the Dallas Cowboys’ record in December when Tony Romo becomes the worst possible version of himself and thus, is blamed for all the Cowboys’ losses. It has been further carried over to Romo being the harbinger of loss to other teams when in attendance. He must be stopped.

Examples of his shenanigans of doom this year have been gloriously provided via this one convenient meme:


The petition, which can be found here  is to stop Tony Romo from stepping foot into the AT & T Center for any San Antonio Spurs games in the playoffs. Apparently all regular season games are OK.

Tony Romo hasn’t been a good luck charm for the Dallas Cowboys. In fact he has been somewhat of a curse in Dallas and for any home sports team he watches from the stands. This is well documented. Just ask Duke, Clippers, Dallas Stars, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks even the TNT show Dallas. Here in San Antonio we want our Spurs to win the entire enchilada. Tony Romo will only bring his curse into the AT&T Center and his mojo will make the Spurs lose. In fact we should send him into Russia. That Putin mess would be so over. Please America let’s stand together and stop the Tony Romo curse. Go Spurs go!

Personally, I would think the White House has better things to do, but what do I know? At this stage, the petition has only 210 signatures….so it only needs another 99,790 people with way too much time on their hands to bother signing. Good luck with that.




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