I’m ok with Zack Greinke not being excited to play in Australia

A couple of days ago, LA Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke commented that there was “absolutely zero excitement” about playing the MLB  opening series in Australia next month, which had Australians up in arms. Seriously, I couldn’t believe some of the dumb shit posted on Facebook…..starting with the Daily Telegraph who labelled their post with one word, “Charming”. Because that isn’t inflammatory at all.

Here are some of the more noteworthy comments from my genius countrymen via the Daily Telegraph’s Facebook page (honestly, sometimes I’m ashamed of my people. Sigh) :

Don’t worry Zack Greinke, Australians have “zero excitement” for the L.A dodgers and baseball. As we tell everyone who doesn’t like being in Australia – feel free to leave anytime

From my understanding there is zero excitement for the dodgers being in oz

We don’t care who you are zack greinke, in Australia if you can’t respect us we’ll show you the door

Princesses. Another American sport that thinks its bigger than it actually is.

Easy – don’t come loser

What these ignorant bogans fail to realise is that the players aren’t given a choice here, and whilst I’m sure there are players who are ok with the trip to Australia, I’m not surprised that there are some who aren’t cool with it. I remember a couple of months back, Clayton Kershaw (who may or may not be making the trip) commented that he would love to come here for holiday, however, he wasn’t at all keen to come here to play.  I don’t blame him. It’s a gimmick, designed to proffer baseball to the world, and whilst it’s fabulous for me, it sucks for the players. An 18 hour flight across the Pacific, jet lag, shortened and interrupted preparation for the upcoming season, as well as the extreme likelihood of being heckled by drunk idiot Australian’s who don’t actually like the game, but are attending simply because it is an “event”. Yeah. I wouldn’t be excited either.

In saying that. I’m totally excited.


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