An open letter to Network Ten Re: Sochi Olympic Ice Hockey Coverage.

Dear Network Ten,

You stink.

Your coverage of the Ice Hockey at the 2014 Sochi Olympics is nothing short of appalling and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. The Olympic Games is a special event and frankly, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) should really be stepping in at some point since you are limiting our viewing of said ‘special event’. Most of the hockey games are on in the middle of the night, which generally means the people who are watching are actual fans of the sport, so why short change us?

I mean really, must I see a bloody McDonalds’ advert just when Canada have a breakaway goal run? MUST I? Because I really would have preferred to see what happened with that play rather than be encouraged to add to Australia’s increasing obesity problem. The issue is not just that you are showing commercials at inopportune moments, it is the astounding frequency for which the commercials appear. Just horrible.

Don’t even get me started on the commentary. Who is that posh bastard anyway? He gets the player’s names wrong more often than he gets their names right, is frequently struggling to keep up with the game and listening to him is about as exciting as jamming thumbtacks into the soles of my feet. Seriously, it is better to have the TV muted than to listen to that.

Fortunately, you still have time to make amends during the qualification and finals rounds. I suggest asking the US network or Canadian network politely if we can tap into their commentary (both NBC and CBC have their NHL commentators in Sochi), and don’t switch to a commercial break UNTIL THERE IS A BREAK IN PLAY.

All we are really asking for is fluid coverage with minimal interruptions and commentary that is both exciting and knowledgeable. Sort it out.


Jaime, on behalf of hockey fans everywhere.



3 thoughts on “An open letter to Network Ten Re: Sochi Olympic Ice Hockey Coverage.

  1. donovanmd58

    Jesus Christ yes!!! You are spot on with this. I am a ridiculously frustrated Canadian in Perth who simply wants to watch Canada (or any good hockey) in its entirety, with proper ad breaks, an announcer that doesn’t make me want to drown myself, and live. I’ve resorted to poor feeds online, and if Ten messes up the semis and finals you will hear my head exploding all the way form Perth.

  2. Lukey Fresh

    This is the standard Channel 10 puts out there with their exclusive rights. They did the same thing with MotoGP years ago, trying to have Aussies commentate from a studio here. A big petition later and their coverage reverted back to the UK commentary team at the track. I know your pain well. And this is why people pay for sports coverage (MotoGP season pass, NHL/NBA league pass etc) the internet really needs to be more heavily utilised for individual subscription services rather than selling rights to lackluster media outlets who end up literally destroying the experience.


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