Is an announcement regarding one’s sexuality really necessary?

On Sunday, University of Missouri All-American DL Michael Sam made the announcement via ESPN and The New York times that he is gay. If drafted in this years NFL draft, that would make Sam the first openly gay player in NFL history.

Whilst I applaud Michael Sam for not feeing the need to hide himself and I agree that overall this is a positive for gay athletes, I find it disappointing that in this day and age we have to have an announcement or press conference to discuss a person’s sexuality at all. A person’s sexuality just is, and shouldn’t need to be announced to the world. I fully understand acknowledge that Sam will likely face adversity (because there are way too many ignorant assholes out there), and he admitted that he made the announcement now so that he would avoid a media shitstorm before the Combine. However, I don’t remember Russell Wilson having to announce that he is heterosexual, so in a way, I also feel like this is a step backwards for gay athletes.

The only announcement relating to one’s personal status I want to hear coming from the NFL is Colin Kapaernick admitting once and for all that he is a douche.


3 thoughts on “Is an announcement regarding one’s sexuality really necessary?

    1. jaimelgray Post author

      I agree completely. I don’t think he should say nothing, if he wants to talk about it he certainly should. I just hate that it has to be via an ‘announcement’ and have all the hoopla which follows. It is just a sad reflection on society.


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