Wait – isn’t weed legal in Seattle?

So, there I was, praising Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback Walter Thurmond III for his impeccable clothing choices. As it turns out he may not be as stylish as first thought. He was probably just high.

It was reported earlier this week that Walter Thurmond III and fellow Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner faced 4 game and 1 year suspensions respectively for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Browner also missed the final 4 games of last season for violation of the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy, safe to say that guy is likely a lost cause.

It would appear that the Seattle Seahawks under the leadership of Coach Pete Carroll have a drug problem with there being 8 drug related suspensions in 3 years. But, you have to look at the situation the Seahawks are in, which is unlike any other team’s. They live, train and play in the home of flannel shirts, grunge music and weed. Oh, and the weed part. Totally legal. So legal in fact, that the city has just approved a ‘Weed Festival’ at Seattle Center’s old Fun Forest amusement park which will feature live music, food and pot smoking for approximately 500 people to celebrate the one year anniversary of the legalisation of marijuana in Washington State.  So, can we really blame them for dabbling? If I lived in Seattle, I would probably get high and listen to dirty 90’s grunge music all day long (Note to self: Move to Seattle immediately), and I wouldn’t be able to help it.

There isn’t a drug problem here, there is a city problem……It is hardly the Seattle players’fault that Seattle is awesome. As such, I think it reasonable for the NFL to give the Seahawks a free pass where weed is involved. Seems only fair.

Go Hawks.


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