Can we discuss the amazingness that is Josh Reddick’s beard?

This week the Oakland A’s clinched their place in the Major League Baseball post season and are American League West Champions for the 2nd consecutive year.

For the last few weeks, dwindling fan numbers at MLB games have been in the news with Oakland A’s owner Lew Wolff questioning why given the A’s position in the standings more fans weren’t turning up to their games (sewage anyone??) especially leading up to clinching the title, counting down magic numbers and all of that.

I have a better question for A’s fans, why wouldn’t you be going to games if not only to witness the continued growth of 26-year-old A’s outfielder Josh Reddick’s spectacular beard?

For those of you who aren’t aware of said spectacular beard’s back story, it started in November of 2012 when Reddick began growth of the epic panty dropping beard ladies everywhere have grown to love. Now, Reddick is known to be a pretty serious wrestling fanatic and the gloriousness of his beard caught the attention of fellow beard owner and WWE star Daniel Bryan who then proceeded to challenge Reddick to a “Beard-Off” on the 6th of March this year via Twitter. The rules – both men would grow their beards until years end at which time fans would have the opportunity to vote on Twitter as to whose beard is more epic. The loser would have to shave.

It was touch and go there in April when,  Josh trimmed up (reportedly due to a slump?). He has resumed growth since then and his beard is back to being its sexual self. Yes, I have a thing for beards, that beard in particular has left me uncomfortably turned on ever since I learnt of its existence and has become yet another obsession of mine. So, I implore you, if you have a Twitter account vote Josh Reddick’s beard #1 at year’s end so we won’t have to live without that beauty in the world.


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