Miami Heat v Chicago Bulls – Game 2

Game 2. The Heat won by a lot. The best part of game 2?

No. It wasn’t the $1925 Versace jacket D-Wade wore to the post game presser.

I’m talking about Filomena Tobias. Otherwise known as the batshit crazy charming woman who gave Joakim Noah the finger when he was ejected, was photographed doing thus, and said photograph went viral.

Angry lady flipping the bird…..Still not the best bit.

The best bit to come from this is Filomena’s scandalous past. Her fourth husband, former CNBC commentator and Hedge Funder Seth Tobias died under suspicious circumstances back in 2007.

Intrigued? So was I. Cue Google search – here are the highlights.

Apparently, Seth’s brothers claimed that Filomena drugged and lured her husband into their pool where he drowned. A former employee of Seth’s said that Filomena had told him that her husband had been on a cocaine binge and she got him into the pool by promising him sex with a male dancer named Tiger.


Filomena did not face criminal charges for her husband’s death, and she settled a civil suit with Seth’s brothers ‘amicably’. Filomena’s third husband, Jay Jacknin served as one of her lawyers and offered up this gem…….

She had a great body. Women love her. Men find her fascinating. I just couldn’t afford her.

It also appears Filomena and Jacknin enjoyed a less than harmonious marriage and police were apparently called on three seperate occasions in 2003 with Jacknin reportedly telling officers that Filomena threw a phone at him, pulled his hair and struck him. I can’t help but wonder what her other two marriages were like?

Suspicious death, drug binges, go go dancers and I wouldn’t have known about any of it had she not given Joakim Noah a one finger salute.

Filomena Tobias, I salute you for making my Friday infinitely more interesting,



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