Junk kicking in racing? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Who won the NASCAR Nationwide Series race in Richmond on Friday night? Who cares?!

It was the post race altercation between Brian Scott and Nelson Piquet Jr. that everyone was talking about. Why? Because Piquet Jr. went where we were all taught not to go in a brawl from the age of reason. Yep, Nelson kicked Brian in his salty protein grapes. How you gonna do that?

The fight occurred after someone got into someone else on the track. Just the the usual. Apparently tensions had been brewing for sometime though, and Scott, seemingly having had enough wrecked Piquet Jr. on the cool down lap.

After the altercation Scott said the fact that Piquet Jr. kicks below the belt “shows his character”. Whilst Picquet Jr. claims he didn’t mean to do it, he was just defending himself when Scott ran at him.

After the race, Brian Scott tweeted Nationwide Insurance asking for coverage for his family jewels…..

Heh heh. Have at it boys!

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