*Gasp* As if Tiger Woods would cheat!

Scandal from Augusta when it was revealed that Tiger Woods may face disqualification for a drop he took on the 15th hole in his 2nd round of Friday at the 2013 Masters Tournament at Augusta.

Tiger met with officials at Augusta on Saturday morning after receiving a call from his Agent telling him he was facing disqualification for signing an incorrect scorecard. Tiger his his ball into the pond on 15 on Friday and took a drop which was originally allowed. But, comments made to media after handing in his scorecard made officials take a second look at the drop and the drop was deemed improper. In the interview, Tiger said:

“I looked over the drop area, it wasn’t very good……So I went back to where I was and actually took 2 yards further back and tried to hit my shot another 2 yards off of what I felt like I hit it”.

According to rule 26.1.3 of the USGA, Tiger could: ‘Return to the original spot from which he played and drop “as nearly as possible” from where he played the third shot’.

Augusta National Golf Club released a statement following the announcement that rather than disqualification, Tiger Woods would suffer a 2 shot penalty. The statement said:

“After (Woods) signed his scorecard, and in a subsequent television interview…..the player stated that he played further from the point than where he played his third shot. Such action would constitute playing from the wrong place……The penalty of disqualification was waived by the committee under rule 33 as the committee previously reviewed the info and made its initial determination prior to the finish if the player’s round”.

Rule 33 basically says that if a player had signed their scorecard when they were unaware of having broken any rules, there would be latitude for a two shot penalty in lieu of a disqualification.

All seems a bit convenient to me. I’m pretty sure for most professional athletes there is an expectation that they know and understand the rules of their sport – therefore it would not be possible for them to unknowingly break a rule no? I wonder if it hadn’t been a major draw card player like Tiger who had broken the rules, would they have gotten off with just the 2 shot penalty?? David Duval and Stuart Appleby seemed to share my thoughts, with David going so far as today that Tiger should withdraw from the event via Twitter.

But, like I said. Tiger wouldn’t cheat…..except that time he allegedly cheated on his lovely wife….with all those women.

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