We all love a quickie…

As usual, I have an unrelenting urge to climb up on my high horse and get my rant on. But since I have questionable time management skills, this is just a quickie on the things that have caught my interest this week…..and no, I’m not going to talk about the NCAA Championship game yesterday, it will get a post of its very own when I give up the procrastination.

Knicks are streaking

The New York Knicks are on a 12 game winning streak (apparently it’s the year for streaking) thanks to Carmelo Anthony who has been carrying the team with an occasional assist from JR Smith. Melo has shot at 61 % in the last four games. Yawn. Call me when they get to 27 and I may or may not pretend to be excited. I do not believe they will be title contenders, so I’m only mildly interested in this streak.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

The Pittsburgh Penguins and the Chicago Blackhawks are both locked into the Stanley Cup playoffs (go hawks!). Yeah, I ordered my Patrick Kane jersey today to commemorate the occasion. I noted, importantly I might add, that both Patrick Kane and Dale Jr. compete with the number 88, and both are legends. Coincidence? I think not.

Kyle Larson doing double duty this weekend

Kyle Larson can add mind reader to his list of talents since apparently he read mine last week when I was thinking how much I would like to see him race in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series again. This week it was announced that Larson would race the #30 Autism Speaks Chevy Silverado for Turner Scott Motorsports at Rockingham this Sunday in the NCWTS. Should be cray cray.

Danica is a two trick pony

Danica Patrick had a really good day in Martinsville last Sunday finishing 12th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series STP Gas Booster 500 exceeding expectations. Even her Crew Chief didn’t expect her to finish in the top 25 and most assumed she would go a few laps down at the paperclip. Unfortunately for us viewing the race, Danica’s good day meant we had to suffer through more painful banter as Darrell Waltrip further proved that he has an unhealthy obsession with Danica. Mate, ask the girl out and be done with it.

The Gronk to go under the knife…..again

Rob “The Gronk” Gronkowski, tight end for the New England Patriots may need a fourth surgery on his injured forearm, which may render him unavailable for the start of the NFL season. This should be a major concern for the Patriots. Whilst New England are not short of tight ends, The Gronk is, well, The Gronk, and not easily replaced. Not having the ability to replace a talent like Gronkowski will limit the Patriot’s offensive options….especially since they just lost their safety blanket receiver Wes Welker to Denver.

Seattle signs back-up QB

Staying with NFL, The Seattle Seahawks have agreed to terms with Brady Quinn, who will join the Hawks from the Kansas City Chiefs. The former Notre Dame Alum will be QB Russell Wilson’s backup. I don’t know much about this guy, but it’s safe to say I’m happy after all those Tim Tebow rumors started flying around. Anyone but Tebow!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @jaimelouisegray



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