Mike Rice….You’re fired.

Mike Rice has been fired by Rutgers University after footage was released showing him kicking, throwing basketballs at and verbally abusing his players. The verbal attacks included calling players “fairies” as well as homophobic slurs. I have said it before – I have absolutely no time for homophobia. It is pedestrian and ugly, this alone should have warranted immediate dismissal.

When the footage was initially released, the University responed by saying that Rice would undergo counselling and would be held to a tight leash since this was only a first offence. Really?! because the video I watched shows several offenses. I can not fathom the Univertity’s initial response. Rice’s blatant misuse of power over his players makes him a bully of the worst kind as the players were never likely to stand up for themselves and risk their place on the team. Thankfully, Mike Rice’s behaviour was caught on film and now he has been exposed as the bully he is to the world.

The video was shown on Tuesday on ESPN which prompted nationwide criticism including government officials in New Jersey. The University was forced to act and Mike Rice was relieved of his position.

I’m not going to post the footage because I believe Mike Rice has shamed those players enough.

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