Jeff Gordon joins ‘Fashion Police’ team

I know this is really late – but like I said, I’ve been out of the country for some time. Anyways, I got the shock of my life when I tuned into E! Entertainment’s ‘Fashion Police’ last weekend and NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon was their special guest, thus combining two of my favourite things… and NASCAR (I know, I’m an enigma). Apparently Fashion Police are counting down the most fashionable athletes in “Fash Fabness” – their spin on March Madness in which they are rating the ‘sweet sixteen’ of stylish sportspeople.

I’m not really a fan of Jeff Gordon (seriosuly he is so whiney). However, despite being very obvioulsy out of his element I thought he handled himself relatively well – especially against the comedic brilliance that is Joan Rivers.  When asked of his biggest fashion fail he provided the picture below to which Kelly Osbourne replied “I’m sorry, but this is what people in NASCAR still look like”. Harsh, but fair. I would totally wear those glasses though. They are awesome.


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