Chi-Town end Miami Heat’s streak

As a Chicago Blackhawks fan, I’m sad facing all over the place for the Heat’s fans today because I know how it feels to have your team lose when you think they are unbeatable. That shit stings.

Anyone who says they didn’t enjoy the shit out of Miami’s streak is either not a sports fan or lying. It was beyond cool, the streak wasn’t just wins. It was points on the buzzer, double overtimes and huge comebacks. It was LeBron James at his King of the World best.

The Miami Heat are a very special team, it’s not just all about the star power of DWade and LeBron, the team knows what the people want and gosh do they love to deliver. I particularly like how Miami didn’t take themselves too seriously through the streak….remember their Harlem Shake video? There was a horsetronaut people. A Horsetronaut! (Thank you Shane Battier – I know what I’m dressing up as for Halloween).

So finally, Miami’s streak comes to an end with 27 wins after going down to the Chicago Bulls 101 – 97 in Chicago last night. The 27 game streak is the 2nd longest streak in the history of US pro sports.

FYI, the 1971 LA Lakers hold the record for the most consecutive wins with 33.

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