There is no ‘team’ in Vettel

Sebastian Vettel defied team orders not to race Infinity Red Bull team mate Mark Webber for the lead (Webber and Vettel were 1 and 2 at the time) in the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix today and ended up finishing with the win. Red Bull confirmed that Vettel had more horsepower than Webber when he took the lead as technicians had asked for the engines to be turned down on both cars. A spokesperson for Red Bull said “Seb’s engine was turned down, but not as much as Mark’s”.

Now, I don’t agree with teams deciding who wins, it is my belief that racers should always race. However, In F1 this is the system, so we go with it. Unless we are Vettel apparently. Hope the win feels like shit Sebastian. Well done to Mark Webber for handling the situation a whole lot better than I would.



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