Are the 2013 Chicago Blackhawks the best team ever?


You can’t have been watching sports lately if you don’t know about the Chicago Blackhawks’ super streak. With the first 24 games of the truncated season played, the Blackhawks have a big ole’ goose egg sitting in the ‘L’ column with 21 – 0 – 3. The team is also enjoying a streak of 11 consecutive wins (a franchise record), and, including the last 6 games of last season making 30 games where they have scored at least one point – the 2nd longest streak in NHL history. Even if it all goes bad from here, what the Blackhawks have achieved in the last 30 games is remarkable. I believe my point is made.

Even LeBron James took time out of enjoying his own team’s impressive 16 game winning streak to pay his respects to the Blackhawks tweeting:

Most (not I) believed the streak would probably come to an end last weekend when the Blackhawks took on the Detroit Red Wings in Detroit, which, any Chicago fan will tell you – is a hard win. But, win the Hawks did, and continued on Wednesday, despite missing Marian Hossa for the game and losing forwards Andrew Shaw and Patrick Sharp during the game, the Hawks beat Colorado Avalanche 3-2, with the game winner coming just 50 seconds before the end of regulation. The Blackhawks will take on the Avalanche later today, still missing Patrick Sharp who is expected to be out for 3-4 weeks with an upper body injury.

Killing it Blackhawks.

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