Rory McIlroy – “My tooth hurts”

Of course, I’m referring to his walk off mid round last weekend at the Honda Classic, a PGA tour event held in Florida. At the time of the mid-round withdrawal, Rory who was 7 over par and likely to miss the cut told journos that his walk off was because he was in a “bad place mentally”. Later, he issued a statement citing “a sore wisdom tooth” as the cause of withdrawal.

In a time where hockey players who get teeth knocked out of their heads gladly stay on the ice, and Olympic sprinters finish their leg of a relay with a fractured shin – hell, I ran the last 19km of the Sydney Marathon with a broken foot last year (H.A.M – did i tell you I run marathons?) surely Rory McIlroy can finish a round of golf with a tooth ache. The point is, I’m not buying the whole wisdom tooth thing. Its a freaking tooth ache, and you are playing golf. Time to harden up Rory.

Do I really believe it was wisdom tooth pain that forced him off the course anyway? Absolutely not. I believe he was having a bad game and like the petulant child he is, stormed off the course rather than finishing the round. I get that he has been having a rough time of it on the course lately (those damn Nike clubs……), however, being a professional sportsman holds certain obligations. One of those being to the fans who shell out $$ to see the number 1 golfer on the planet in action. You owe it to them to finish your round – regardless of your tooth ache, girlfriend troubles, poor game or whatever. So pull your head in Rory.

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